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D830 and Latest EDP(web)--What Am I Doing Wrong?


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When you just run EDPWeb and do a new model build, everything should work. (including audio..)

Have you tried this allready?


Please redownload EDP first, before doing a new build. At this moment our EDP works only in Lion or higher, we are working on Snow Leopard support.

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Could you make a screenshot of the following things:


Finder (Folder: /Extra/Extensions).

Systemprofiler > Audio

Systempreferences > Audio


It might be that not all files get downloaded correctly.

You don't have other bugs with latest EDP? :)

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iMick, yes I'll certainly do that, and thanks in advance. I suspect you're correct in assuming a non-complete download, as there is no org.chameleon.boot, nor DSDT, nor smbios. I'm up and running at the moment ONLY because I've copied these 3 files from the pertinent boot pack, from which I did the original installation. 

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Ok, so you basically have no audio kext, hence no audio at all...


We've fixed the DSDT tables for the D830s in EDP tonight, so doing system build should no longer cause black screen at startup. Any chance you could update EDP and try to do a system build again? Which audio pack do you see offered in the menu?


If, after the EDP system rebuild, you still have no audio, try one of the audio packs below, preferably starting with VoodooHDA, then if that does not work, use the patched STAC9205.

voodooHDA.zip STAC9205-D830.zip

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ssprod, please don't use the audiopacks Hervé mentioned at the first place.

We have updated EDP, so it should work again. If you download EDP and install EDP again it should work. (Don't forget to do a new build).


If it still don't works, please place a screenshot of your /Extra/Extensions folder here.

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I had a look at EDP and tested if it would download the files. The problem was that EDP didn't get updated well, and because of an typo in the database file, it wouldn't download the model-data files.


Please download the EDP installer again and choose for 'Full Install'. After installing you can run EDPweb and build again for the D830 low res. But this time, everything should work! :)

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