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D830 and Latest EDP(web)--What Am I Doing Wrong?


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Greetings!! Haven't been around much, due to work overload, however thanks for the increased development...this site has really taken off! Just picked me up a D830 X3100 LoRes... Don't know if I'm doing something incorrectly, but I cannot get this puppy to boot to Lion10.7.2 on it's own. Here are my steps...

1-Installed 10.7.2 via USBMyHack-used appropriate Extra Folder from Bootpack-SUCCESSFUL

2-Upon completion, boot from USBMyHack to complete install, registration, yada yada...SUCCESSFUL

3-Run Latest EDPweb... Choose appropriate build, wait till "DONE"... REBOOT

4-Chameleon (although apparently Updated-installed) will NOT boot without USBMyHack

5-Reading various posts on this site, I removed NVram in Extra Folder, as this has apparently caused issues

6-Reboot--WILL NOT Boot with Chameleon

7-Boot from MYHackUSB successfully, and in desperation, install CHAMELEON SVN2.1 REV. 1684 from EDP2.2

8-Result: KP on FakeSMC


I re-installed numerous times, with the same results, HOWEVER, occasionally, there is no smbios, or org.chameleon.plist in my Extra Folder after running latest EDP..other times, there is. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated.. THANKS!!

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