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D620 touchpad


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Well I recently inherited a Dell Latitude D620 from my cousin. This thing was a piece of work. Battery was shot, fan was broken, and the touchpad too, I think. My problem with the touchpad, is that when using it the cursor will randomly jumps across the screen. This gets very frustrating. I'll try pointing the cursor, to one app, and it'll jump to the top of the screen. It does this in Mac OS X 10.7.5, also in Windows XP and 7, even with the latest alps windows drivers. Does anyone else have this problem, with their D620? And is their a solution to the problem?


I attempted purchasing one off ebay, and replacing it, but the replacement does the same thing. I've read that a piece of tape between the touchpad housing and the keyboard, is to blame. The old one doesn't have that, the new one does though. So that isn't it. I've read that rubbing an antistatic bag over the palmrest and touchpad, should help, but again this solution doesn't work.


I read that adding a bluetooth module should fix the problem. I notice that both the touchpad and bluetooth device share the same wiring harness. This D620 didn't come with a bluetooth module, so if I purchased a bluetooth module would that fix this problem???


Or do I need to purchase yet a third touchpad, for this D620?


Anybody else have this problem, and is there a solution???


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Well I have tried different trackpad solution during edp build, but that doesn't fix the problem. The problem also occurs in both Windows 7 and Xp, and Ubuntu Linux. I think there is something wrong with the touchpad itself. I ordered a new one, but it has the same problem.


Does anybody else experience this with their d620. Do you experience the problem with either of your d620s?


Should I spend money on a 3rd replacement touchpad, and hope it doesn't have the problem?

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