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Mountain Lion on G73jw


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I'm bringing this over from the thread I created in tonycrapx86 is hopes that I could perfect the details that still aren't working.

Here and hope it's a good starting point.



You're going to need to get the appstore Mountain Lion app and at least an 8Gb USB.


Processor: i7 740QM

Graphics: Nvidia GTX460M


What's working:

Graphics - Full acceleration.
Trackpad with 2 finger scroll
Fn keys

What isn't working:
Shutdown stays at black screen
Keyboard Backlight
Multiple monitors only work when connected before at boot time.


Follow the unifail guide
When it comes to booting the USB drive, use the kernel flag PCIRootUID=0
Let the installation complete and reboot from the USB drive again with PCIRootUID=0
Follow the setup until you reach the desktop. At this point open the terminal and type in the following without quotation marks:

"defaults write com.apple.Finder AppleShowAllFiles TRUE"
"Killall Finder"

Open your USB and pass the Extra folder to your Desktop, open that Extra folder and in the boot.plist edit PCIRootUID from 1 to 0. Then place this extra folder in the root directory of your partition. If you can't find it, go to the menu bar Finder->Preferences and select to check the checkbox that says "Hard Disks", this should put your partitions on your desktop.

Unzip the Installation kit and run the chameleon installer.
After the installation try boot from hard drive. If you fail, boot from the USB again with PCIRootUID=0 and recheck your steps.

If you successfully booted back in to lion. Run the kext utility in the installation kit folder and drag the kexts from the installation kit on to the Kext Utility Window. I recommend Trying to install one by one if anything goes wrong. After this, reboot and you should have all the working stuff.
Open the AppStore and install the update to 10.8.1, it shouldn't affect anything and you should reboot without an issue.

TIP: The best way to do tests is to have 2 partitions and use Carbon Copy Cloner to make a bootable backup.

I'd appreciate if anyone else can help me with the what isn't working yet.

UPDATE ON KEYBOARD BACKLIGHT: It turns out that if I boot in to Linux, restart and boot in to ML, backlight keyboard is working, however if I turn the backlight off I can't turn it on again except by repeating this process.

10.8.2 G73JW Kit.zip

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Hi, the non-functional features will require DSDT patching in all likelyhood. Follow the guidelines in the Research -> DSDT patching section to request a patch: https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/1945-dsdtssdt-patching/


Have you tried our OSXL installation method at all? We're adding lots of new systems to EDP, yours could be added too.

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