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How to Install Mountain Lion or Lion on a Dell XPS 720


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How to install Mountain Lion or Lion on a Dell XPS 720


A System Running Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.6 or later with:

  • Intel Core 2 or above, 64 bit CPU
  • Mac App Store Account + $29.99
  • Internet Access to Download 4GB OS X Lion App through Mac App Store
  • 4GB space available in /Applications
  • 8GB additional free space on your hard drive OR 8GB USB Stick.
  • Use this Dell XPS 720 Kexts and Extra.zip
  • Download Chameleon Wizard and Kext Wizard.

STEP 1: Purchase OS X Lion from the Mac App Store


1. Use a your iMac, Hackintosh or VMware 

2. Download the OS X Lion or Mountain Lion App directly from the Mac App Store - Don't pirate Mac OS X




Create 1 Partition 8 GB of size if you want restore to HDD (name it Lion) or 8GB or more USB Drive if you want to restore to Usb




1. Download Myhack 3.1.2

2. Double-Click Myhack

3. Choose Create OS X Installer

4. Choose your install type Mountain Lion or Lion.


WARNING: DO NOT choose existing OS X partition as the Destination.

Do not interrupt the process- it will only take a few minutes. When done, you'll have a secondary partition on your drive or a USB Drive containing the OS X Lion  or Mountain Lion Installer!



1. Use Chameleon Wizard to download latest Chameleon.

2. Install Chameleon on your USB stick.

3. Copy the Extra folder you downloaded early to de root of your Installer.

4. Use Kext wizard to install the kexts to S/L/E of your Installer



1. Reboot- at the Chameleon boot screen, choose Installer

2. It will boot directly to a familiar Mac OS X Installer complete with Disk Utility. 

3. Open Disk Utility, partition a empty hard drive.

4. Install OS X Lion or Mountain Lion

 5. When the installation is done, your computer wil reboot.

6. Use your installer to boot your new installation. 




1. Install Chameleon

2. Copy your Extra from your USB Stick to the root of your Hard Drive.

3. Instal the Kext form the package you downloaded early on to your hard drive.

What works: Almost Everything works expect  sleep and sata DVD Drive.

If you want a DVD Drive use a ide DVD Drive.

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  • Administrators

Hi, thanks for this guide. Sounds like it's a straight forward installation.


One comment though: if you use myHack to install Mac OS X, you should install the additional kexts to /Extra/Extensions as opposed to /S/L/E which, ideally, should be left vanilla or as vanilla as possible. All those kexts you listed as SLE targets can go to /E/E. It also looks like some are not necessary or appear ex-ModCD and can therefore be replaced by more recent kexts.


Lets get this integrated to EDP. Are you (and your XPS) available for testing?

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Hi all.

I have successfully installed this in my xps 720. I have followed all the steps as it says.

I have rebooted and boot the installation.

I get still waiting for root device . I have tried booting from different USB ports as well no luck.

I have tried many flags n luck.



Can someone tell me please what I am doing wrong. ??? I have a 150gb raptor hdd to install to and I'm installing from a 15gb flash.

The mountain lion is an untouched iOS image of a retail disk which I own.

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