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Snow Leopard on a Sun Ultra 20


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No, not necessarily. Here are those kexts from SL10.6.3 and SL10.6.7. I don't know if it would apply to an AMD system, but I also attach the ACPIPlatform that we use on Intel platform as "coolbook fix".


10.6.3_kexts.zip 10.6.7_kexts.zip AppleACPIPlatform.kext.zip


Refer to the recent article published by Mick on the web site about recovering from KP after kext manipulation by booting into single-user mode.

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So, Here's what I'm attempting... I booted the ModCD boot loader, then put in the Mountain Lion Install disk. 


Once it allowed me to get a terminal window from the Utilities menu, I opened it..


# df 

This showed me that my installed partition was actally mounted.  next...


# cd /Volumes/{mypartitionname}

# chroot .


This put me right where I would be if I had booted fromt the partition.  So, at this point I plan to copy the .kext files into place and reboot.  With any luck it will boot as expected.  I will let you know if that fails.



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Ok, I added the kext(s) that you guys suggested.  I made sure the permissions were correct.  The only way I was able to do that we using the image on the install disk and gaining access to the mounted partition.  Of course, it does no good to rebuild the cache like this.


So when I boot the system off the root partition it comes up the same as before, if I attempt to go into single user mode (-s), it still does the same thing too.  So singler user mode is bearing no fruit.  Next, I reboot the root partition with the -f option, this is where things get more positive, it will boot both in single user mode and in the GUI mode, but my USB ports must not be working because my keyboard and mouse are useless. 


I'm not sure what to do at this point.  The only option for booting from the root partition is the -f option, but I cannot do anything with it.  It does not have PS2 port so I cannot use an older keyboard.  I suppose I could enable remote login and access it from one of my Linux machines, but I bet you guys have a better idea.  If there is any extra information I can provide, let me know I will do my best to get it. 


Again, thanks for all your help, I am really looking forward to having this setup working and useable. 

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