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Thinkpad Helix running ML 10.8.3, but need help with SpeedStep/sleep/battery/screen brightness


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Runs like a charm with an external USB based WiFi and Audio card. Graphics are accelerated by the Intel HD4000 by default, and everything runs smoothly.


Only problem is I am having a damned hard time figuring out how to patch a DSDT to correct sleep, speed step, battery reporting, and screen brightness.


Anyone here working on this, or know if the Helix has any similarities in its DSDT to the X1 Carbon?

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@Pippo BalestrieriThis thread has long been dead; it's been 5 years since the OP wrote his single post and visited the forum. Do not expect a response. For what it's worth, back then, ML would have most likely been installed with the myHack tool that we advocated and supported at the time.


There are several models and generations of a ThinkPad Helix. OP's model was clearly an Ivy Bridge/HD 4000 one. Open up a new thread with your own model's specifications and we'll see what we can do, preferably with current macOS High Sierra (really no point considering obsolete ML in 2018).


This old and dead thread will now be closed and archived.

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