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Hi lads!


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I've been reading this forum for 2 months or so, and decided to drop in and say hi.


I've been working for quite some time as a proffesional Video Editor on mac pro's and decided to buy a good hackintosh laptop for my home projects. After some digging around i decided that the best laptop for me (and my pocket) would be a second hand Dell Latitude D830 with the following specs:


Core2Duo T9300

4gb ddr2 kingston (2x2) thinking about 8 though

OCZ Agility 3 ssd + hdd in caddy

Nvidia Quadro NVS 140M


The laptop came with ML pre-installed but definitely needed a lot of tweaking. Initial boot time was about 2 min in standard hdd. Now it's reduced to >29 sec.


I'm pretty happy with it and the community support of course.

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D830 with T9300 C2D + nVidia chip + 4Go RAM + SSD all make for a very good Hackintosh platform. 'sounds like you did a good tuning for a D830 that should now run ML very smoothly. Enjoy that Hackintosh. 

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