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Asus UX32VD i5 version


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Hi. I have an Asus Zenbook ux32vd with an i5 3317u, 10gb of ram and the latest bios version (214).

I managed to install Mountain Lion on the 32gb ssd with the Extras from you (i7) and other kext's found on OSx86 (i5) but it only boots in safe mode, otherwise i get an KP from the ACPI.

The resolution is fine but visual effects are laggy, i think hd4000 is not well configurated... Trackpad is not working, wifi (with intel centrino advanced), cpu power managment, function keys and shutdown/sleep/restart are not working either...


Can you help me get it right please?

I see you have almost everything working on the i7 version, so it most be not very diferent...


Here are some screenshots from osx working:


Thank you






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You don't appear to have graphics acceleration (hint: the menu bar is not transluscent), so yes, graphics will be slow and possibly buggy.


If you meet KP with ACPI, you could try the EDP ACPIplatform kext (v1.3.5), it's known to work well under ML (and other OS X version). It fixes kext cache issues too. I can upload it later. If you did your installation with myHack, just copy the kext to /E/E, then run myFix (full) to repair permissions & rebuild cache.


As always, Intel wireless cards are not supported, so you'll need to change that by a supported model (Broadcom, Atheros) to get wifi. There's a non-exhaustive list of supported models in R&D -> Network section.


For shutdown/sleep/restart & CPU power management, a dedicated DSDT/SSDT table would be required in all likelyhood. Make a request to Dinesh, following the process detailed in the dedicated thread in R&D -> DSDT section.

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I have the same model as yours and I upgrade the memory to 10G as well. I have also replaced the wifi with a Atheros wifi/BT card.


I'm also struggling with the SSDT and PS2 inputs.


Any progress would be thrilled to know..

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What atheros model did you buy? did you have any problems with the antenna connectors?


I bought this card: ar5b195 (ar9285). It's only about $10 on ebay.


Both wifi and bluetooth drivers can be easily found by google.


Be aware that the connectors on native card is a little smaller than the new card.


I just cut off the small connectors and attach(solder) the standard ones to the cable (you can also buy the standard sized antennas from ebay)


I know there are better solutions since in my way the reception is not as good as the original.


Maybe because I'm not a professional on soldering stuff.


Anyway, hope you can come up with an idea to succeed without any effort.

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