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M4300 + New Broadcom 1490. Not detected?


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Hi All -


After installing ML and latest EDP a few days ago, I realised I had the Intel wifi card. 


So I went on ebay, bought a dell broadcom 1490. 


Popped it in the laptop. Noticed three antenna cables for the intel and only two for broadcom so used white and black and insulation taped the grey. 


Enabled internal wifi in bios (a15).  Booted into ML. Nothing, no wifi icon in menu, still only ethernet lan working.  So I re-ran EDP and configured it to install the broadcom bcm4352 kext. 


Still nothing. 


What am I doing wrong? 


How can I get this broadcom 1490 to work?  I bought it because I thought it would just be plug and play and it would automatically be supported in ML? 


Many thanks - really hoping you can help. 



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all seems to work in windows. Luckily I had a spare old hdd with a windows install on. Seems fine. 


So I resorted to re-installing the mountain lion 10.8.4 again. This time the wifi still didn't work out of box. HOWEVER - I then ran EDP but this time selected just the BCM4310 kext from the list.  It didn't say Mountain Lion beside this one but it seemed more like the Dell Broadcom 1490 I have. 


Well the wifi icon now appeared in the menu bar. All seemed ok apart from I cant connect to any WPA or encrypted network. A non encrypted network seems fine. But WPA it won't touch - just says "incorrect password" and then went round in loops saying Failed to connect - time out occurred".


Hmmnn.  Now downloading Ubuntu and trying to see if I can rebrand the card as per the instructions on this website. 


Any other ideas please? 

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there is a thread about the issue on the forum you have to replace a file also. i do not recall what it is off the top of my head it's something that ends in a "d"

If wifi no longer works (an immediate "Connection timed out" error) after upgrading to 10.8.4, replace the "airportd" file in "/usr/libexec" with this one, which is from 10.8.3, and reboot:



quote taken from bottom of this thread https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/1695-e6410-mountain-lion-guide/&do=findComment&comment=12072

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Thanks guys. I did that and then learned that subsequently a number of other things needs to be done:


1. After replacing with the older airportd file, permissions on the file must be set to 775. 

2. Remove the quarantine flag:xattr -d com.apple.quarantine /user/libexec/airportd

3. Run myHack - myFix to correct the caches and address any permissions issue throughout. 


Also to note I successfully re-branded the card with the advice on this forum. Found it fairly easy. Worked a treat. But didn't solve the issue I of "Connection failed:  Timeout".   But replacing the airportd with an older version worked. 

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