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Issues with Installation of 10.7.x and 10.8.x on D830 Nvidia


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Any help is appreciated.


I recently attempted installation of 10.8 on a Dell D830 2.2GHZ, 4GB Ram, NVIDIA 140M, and 1200X800 screen. I followed the pre-installation instructions to the letter used the D830 NVIDIA boot pack. The system boots to a blank screen during installation and I do not know what error it is encountering. Digging through the forums I found this

This may be too little, too late, but I was having the same issue for a while. When trying to install Lion, I got the crash report right before the option to start the full install should appear, and on SL, the screen would go black just before it was time to launch the graphical installer. I let it rest a while. Finally, at work, another D830 retired, but with a 1280x800 (I had 1680x1050) display. I switched out the entire top cover as to not have to dig into the panel (something chaps me about prying off the little rubber nubs!). After that, both SL and Lion have installed flawlessly. I don't know what your resolution is on your D830, and I know trading out the entire top panel is not really a solution, but it is what worked for me. Maybe somebody smart with this stuff will have a moment of clarity!

Note, I am using an Intel version D830 (1.8Ghz c2d, 2GB DDR2, 160GB Scorpio Black), not an nVidia. So, maybe that at least rules graphics cards out?


Am I correct in the assumption that there is some current incompatibility (NVIDIA 140M and 1200X800). Is there a work around? Can anyone confirm successful installation on NVIDIA 140M with 1200X800. Does anyone have any suggestions what tweaks might work to get the install working.


Thanks in advance

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Performed a bit more testing to see if I could get the system to install. Updated BIOS to Version A17 and attempted install on 3 seperate machines only glowing difference between them is the amount of installed memory. The two (2GB Ram systems) fail to boot blank screen. The (4GB Ram system) boots and installs, we will see if after install it manages to get me to the post installation steps. Interesting to note added 1GB each of the 2GB systems and voila they boot installation no blank/black screen. Will post if install is successful.


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god point, i never thought of that.. might be worth that we put together a installation thread for D830 machines where we collect fixes and notes about this model.

Would you mind setting up a thread and post your notes ?

Look here: https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/forum/132-dell/

You may look at how i did mine for the samsung np900-x3c

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