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D430: Sound goes to external after line out used and Lid closes, cant get back


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Hi all,


I am very pleased with myself so far as I am pretty much an newbie to all of this and I have managed to install 10.6.3 to my d430 and it is working fine all except one thing.


Now, after hacking the lp started up ok and sound worked on internal speakers. UNtil I closed lid, it went onto sleep and even though jack plug from line out had been removed, just stays on external speakers via line out socket.


Go into preferences and look at sound and only external speakers are listed GRRRrr.


Now, I think it is because on a mac with the lid shut it will switch of internal speakers, fine and it will switch it onto external so that you can listen to it through your hifi through Audio out with out lid open. E.g. If watching a film from mac on the TV.


But on current lid sleep kext is not working right for this little lap as it does not tell it to go back onto internal speakers when the jack is pulled. Meaning in between being hooked up to the amp, the little fella is very quiet :-(


Is there another kext I should swap it for. Should I update it to 10.6.8 and if so will that ruin hark graft so far?



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Well, I guess the laptop wakes with the exact same settings it had when it went to sleep; in itself, I would not consider that to be a surprise. I mean, if I had my computer hooked to TV and audio out through Jack plug, I'd want that to retrieve the same setup on waking the computer if it were still hooked to the TV...


Just did a little test myself with a headphone:

  • when I plug it in, audio output changes from "Speaker (analog)" to "Headphones"
  • when I unplug it, it goes back to speaker
  • indeed, if I put the laptop to sleep with headphone plugged in, unplug the headphone and wake the laptop, audio output remains on headphones with no option to switch to speaker.
  • the only way to switch audio output back to speaker is to replug the headphones and unplug it again.


No idea if that can be "fixed". To me it's not something controlled by kext but more by DSDT. Bear in mind that our laptops are not 100% real Macs, so some things do not work exactly the same way...

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