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Fund raising - what do you think ? - raise your voice



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  1. 1. Premium support - Would you buy it ?

  2. 2. Online backup - Securly backup your machine to our servers in Sweden

  3. 3. Ads for non-registered users ?

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Hey everyone,

Before i go any further - Understand that the the mission of OSXL has never been to be a money machine - personally its one of the few projects I am involved with that is a not for profit - and i like it.

On the other hand -  We have also been able to pull off some amazing things with donations and freelancers - anything from a huge amount of machines in EDP to development of new drivers and the list goes on.

I have always had this idea.. this vision .. that if we just provide a great service - people will support us because they see - that they are supporting themselves and the community in the end - its with that belief i want to hear what you think.

If OSXL were to provide you more services, that could lead to raising more funds, that could lead to getting more freelance developers helping you ... and Development of more specialized solutions etc etc...

What should those services be ?

I've put together some ideas below.. if you have any suggestions.. then please do come forth.


Ideas that have been suggested:     (I will add your ideas here as you post them):

  • Secure Cloud (Hosted owncloud service) in Sweden
  • Web or DNS hosting (our team knows a thing or two about hosting)
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As a thought for fund raising. Over the years people have accumulated items they don't use - they either no longer need them, have them in excess, or would just like to contribute them to help the cause. The person agrees to make these available for sale here, with the purchase price going to further development. The donator would agree to ship the item(s) to the purchaser after the buyer remits payment to someone designated to collect the fees and pass the buyer's mailing information the seller (to keep the buyers information anonymous). A price could be agreed upon to sell these items, and if necessary, the seller could indicate a reasonable shipping reimbursement (or donate shipping on smaller items). Give me your thoughts.

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I like your idea- it just needs a tweak or two though. How about selling pieces of hardware (e.g. graphics cards and ram) and using that to raise money? Why don't you just sell products as well as the hackintosh site? Make a new osxlatitude logo and sell some bumper stickers? Make some t-shirts, hats, anything related that would really sell. Also, have you been to the ubuntu.com site and when you click download, they have a survey? do something similar (check the survey out- http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/questions?distro=desktop&bits=32&release=lts) just give it a look-see and mabye it is a good idea too! 

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