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Trouble booting Zenbook UX32VD


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Hey, I am new in the forum... but I already read a lot so far.

I did everything like in the description and it worked so far with the USB stick.


But now as I want to boot it, I choose "Generic Flash Disk 8.07" and after that I just get




 boot0: error_"


Hope you guys can help me somehow. I have the Asus UX32VD with i7 and 10gb ram.

I did all the BIOS changes.... actually, they already had the necessary settings.

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Thank you Bajito93!!!

I guess I forgot to set it on MBR at the beginning.

I did it again and now it is starting..... sadly now with another problem.


I am booting the USB-stick, than the OSX Latidude screen appears and I am pressing any key to start.

Afterwards, a lot of stuff is loading (grey background). But then it changes to a black screen and loads some more stuff.... until the error appears (please see picture).

Hope you guys can help me.


Thanks in advance.



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EDIT: New question:

Do I have to use "generic Extra" or my own (because we changes that folder already)?


it worked and I am in the install menu.... BUT now I cannot install it on of of my partitions. On my windows system, I am using 4 partitions. 3 of them are in use but the 4th one is totally empty and I want to use this one for Mac OS. It says that I cannot install Mac OS on a volume in the Winows NTFS format. I have set AHCI on the sata configuration.


Thank you guys for your help.


PROBLEM Solved: If you can't install MAC OS on one of your volumes, you have to format it to MAC OS EXTENDED!

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Okay, I did this yesterday.

After the installation "myHack" asks the following question (see picture):




As explained, I copied the "Extra" folder of this board here (Extended Driver Package > Compatibility & Bootpacks).... but which one should I choose?

"Use Generic One" or "Use My Own"?


Btw: What do I have to do when It makes a restart? I tried to boot the USB Stick again but the screen is just black and it says:



 boot1: /boot"


I started my Computer again and Windows 7 booted automatically. After booting the system, Win7 showed directly that I should format the USB which I did not do... of course.

When I tried to reboot the USB stick (Starting Laptop, pressing ESC and selecting the USB stick) I only see a flashing "_" and nothing happens.... (when I put it back in the MAC system it says the stick is empty and unformatted).


How do I have to boot Mac OS?

Sorry for asking that much but I am absolutely new to this topic.


Regards, Pascal

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You would have much to gain by reading the EDP documentation page, as well as myHack's documentation. Then spend some time researching this forum and others too. I know it's very easy to just pop the questions, but it pays to make your own research, test and try things, fail, restart, etc.

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I read the guides a couple of times. At least this one here and also the one of myHack which is linked at the beginning. I also tried to find ways to boot etc (which I always do before posting something).

I installed Mac a couple of times but I can't boot it afterwards. If it boots after the installation, I get the message after some time to turn off the power and restart. But if I want to restart and boot the usb again, I just get the following, like posted above:



 boot1: /boot"


Hope someone can help me or provide me with another thread to read. Mac should be installed as it says that approx. 17GB are used. But I don't know how to boot it.


Thank you in advance.

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