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Panic on Dell 830 with lion osx


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Hi friends!!


I installed a OSX Lion with myhack and the bootpack in my Dell 830 with nvidia nvs140. I Have some problems:


Finally i resolved the first problem (Thanks Hervé).

I have a second problem, but reading in the forum i solutionated with boot1h and ubuntu.


Now i have a third problem!! This is the third problem:




Can you help me please! I need your help friends.

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Why? i fixed the usb with Chameleon v2.2 r2248. It's a good option format the usb and make a new usb installer with myhack 3.1.2? Because the last version of myhack have problems.


Thanks a lot Hervé your support are very important for me.

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Well, unless you made an error in your latest attachment, I see the same problem as 1st one report, i.e. KP with EFINVRam error.


You can try to boot off the USB installer, interrupt at Chameleon delay bar and select your Lion HDD partition to see it this lets you boot Lion to completion. Then check with Chameleon Wizard which version of chameleon you have installed on that Lion partition.

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