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Lion on Lenovo G570 Intel Core i3-2350M 4GB


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Need Help!

I am in big trouble with: Lenovo G570 Notebook 15,6"/39,6cm Intel Core i3-2350M 500GB 4GB HD3000

Tried to install Lion with Myhack and Apple 10.7.4 Usb Stick and downloaded osx 10.7.

Please see my attached pictures..

I dont not what is goin wrong??

I tried so many time the installation=error, I am at end of the road now.

This is my second Osx Hackintosch, my first was dell d420 SL with absolut no trouble.post-14645-0-98646800-1379779323_thumb.jpgpost-14645-0-62768300-1379779353_thumb.jpgpost-14645-0-96881900-1379779391_thumb.jpgpost-14645-0-32740800-1379779432_thumb.jpgpost-14645-0-88682900-1379779466_thumb.jpgpost-14645-0-21623400-1379779575_thumb.jpgpost-14645-0-45142200-1379779618_thumb.jpg


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Hello Admin,

I have built several  times a new boot stick with myhack 3.1.2  , 3.2 beta does not run on my dell d420...

cannot find the old version in the web,

at the moment I have the same problem with the installation, must I send/give the g570 back, 

Any suggesions??

Need stillhelp.

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myHack 3.1.2 is just fine, no problem there... Your hardware appears detected and recognised Ok...

Did you format your HDD "Mac OS X Extended (Journaled)" in Disk Utility?

You said you downloaded Lion... Was that a proper retail version?

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thanks for your answer:

in use : hdd 1tb 4 partition formated  HDD "Mac OS X Extended (Journaled)" in Disk Utility, sure

with a 60 GB Hdd same ..failed attemd

I have a orig. apple boot stick with 10.7.4, same not working.

also buy  10.7 via internet downloaded same result,

I have downloaded a new myhack 3.1.2 same result.

10.7.. downloading from apple store with my dell d420 not working with this lap.

Wrong Lap??

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Dell D420  with myhack 3.1.2 and osx 10.6.8 fully updated.

Thinkpad t60 (osx10.6.8full updated) same error,

I do not understand why myhack 3.2 beta not more working under d420 10.6.8 2,5 gb sdram .

I looking for a clean new myhack 3.1.2 find only 3.2...

Tried the whole weekend no result same error.

Now little bit helpless, anny suggestions???  


I cannot load a clean 10.7  direkt from the App store with  my dell d420 it s premitted.

I have a original Apple boot stick 10.7.4

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If Apple web site does not let you download Lion from your D420, it's because its current model profile does not match the Lion minimum requirements; but that is just cosmetic: change your D420 SMBIOS plist to that of a MBP5,1 for instance, and you'll be able to download Lion or even ML...

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