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D630/D830 GMA-X3100 vs nVidia 135


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First I want to thank this community for all the excellent work provided. I have a D620 (Core Duo with Intel GMA 950 and - unfortunately - Intel 3945 wifi) and I was up and running with 10.6.6 in less than 2 days (from knowing nothing about Hackintosh to everything works but Wifi - my Broadcom card is on its way). Whoa, really a big thank you to all of you guys !!!


Now I have a question about hardware. I want to replace my aging D620 with either a D630 or D830 that appear both to be well supported in OS X and, well, not too expensive on eBay.


My question is around the graphic adaptor.

Should I go with the X3100 or the nVidia 135M?


On one hand I have seen a lot of disgruntled users of the nVidia, as it looks like there were some faulty video chips produced and installed in those machines. As I know support forums are only full of people with problems, well if you want to share you experience with this video card, I would welcome it.

On the other hand I want 64-bits kernel driver support, and my understanding is that 10.7 Lion will just push further toward a full native x64 system, and there appear to be no X3100 64-bit drivers so far. Is the nVidia 135M supported with a 64-bit kernel? What is the best option, from an OS X support point of view?


Performance is not really an issue, I do not play and the current GMA950 on my D620 fits my need.


Thank you,



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go with the x3100.. the nvidia's have a nasty tendency of overheating and frys the graphic chip.. besides, the x3100 is quite good for osx :)



Yes, there is x3100 x64 drivers, but not gma950 (yet)

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Thanks a lot for the feedback.


I am waiting any day now a D630, 2.2GHz with X3100 video card and the 1440x900 screen. I also have at hand a WD Scorpio Black and 8GB RAM...

This should perform really well, for a very decent total price.


I'll use the original HD (80GB) to test Lion installations.

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