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D630 Works Nicely.


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Have installed ML 10.8 using the myhack/OSXLatitude instructions and all works nicely.  Thanks very much.

I want to upgrade to the latest 10.8.5 so that I can download the developer kit easily.


In general there is always the option in OSX to upgrade the operatating system but this will stuff the hackintosh setup.  Is it possible to use the OSX upgrade facility and then reinstall the drivers, EDPs etc?  Perhaps we could have a sticky about the "Software Update" facility under the apple menu and what happens if you press this button!


Thanks again,

Andrew Parsons



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You will find that we usually place posts about results of an update of a particular OS X version and on a given model under Research section or Support -> Software matters -> Mac OS X.


In your particular case, we have several threads or posts on the matter but to summarize things, you can safely update either through Apple Menu or through Combo update.


As a general rule, we recommend to re-run EDP System Build after an update to be on the safe side.

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