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D620 sleep/sound/wifi issue


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Try the updated guides on our wiki :)


Thanks a lot! will try it asap.

btw, is there a wiki on “how to update from 10.6.0 to 10.6.6/10.6.7" ?

and in "EDP History and Changelog"/"Certified Laptops" section, all marked with OSX 10.6.6, is it ok to

apply the EDP1.5 package to 10.6.0 instead of 10.6.6?

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well you can go from 10.6.0 straight to 10.6.7 with comboupdate then apply EDP1.7



1,update to 10.6.7, reboot, no problem.


2,install chameleon,reboot, no problem.


3,apply EDP1.7, option 1 with powerpark, reboot, fail:

"panic cpu0...SleepEnable..."


4,apply EDP1.7, option 1 without powerpark, reboot, fail:

"panic cpu1...ACPI..."


5,roll back to the original /Extra, reboot, ok


any idea on my case?


btw, my latitude is D620 with nvidia.


Thx in advance!

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