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Cooling Alternative


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I have found something that works on my d620 for a fan control cooling alternative I8kfangui

at http://potatosaladx.blogspot.com/2007/06/i8kfangui-for-mac-os-x-v02-with-dual.html

hope this helps someone with warm temps

It works for us also, however in Snow Leopard you have to manually load the kext every time you wake from sleep, or shutdown/reboot.


Its got something to do with the Sandbox, however I currently have no idea how to get around it. I'm sure Slice does, but CoolBook Controller works as it should, and keeps my D520 very cool. (Running 45*C right now. Cooler than it runs in Windows 7!!)

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I sofar have been trying to use Coolbook and so far its not been working well for me.


I had it working once. but then I reinstalled my system and have been working with the developer on it and still not functioning.


I tried the i8k utility and its been working rightaway. though haven't rebooted yet oranything else.



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