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issues on Dell Latitude D630


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Hey Guys,

for years, I've always used the iFail distributions, of osx86.

I got given a Dell D630 laptop, and I thought I'd downloaded the iFail Lion disto, and then burn it to DVD, then I installed it.

My Intention is, since I don't have a Dual layer DVD, and past OSx installs I've done, just refuse to boot into a mac install from the USB, I'm just going to start from the iFail lion DVD and eventually upgrade to Mavericks.



However, I'm having non stop issues.

Also, I don't have another machine at home, running Mac, so all fixes are going to have to be applied from Windows.

I have access to Transmac.


What happens is, it boots from the DVD okay, and most of the time, it gets through to the setup stage, and then just randomly, it freezes, without any error message or warning.

The mouse stops responding, and the DVD stops spinning.

Can somebody help me, I need help.

Please remember, that my working machine is Windows, so I will need instructions with Windows.


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We don't support iCrap here and I would not recommend you use Windows either. If you have no existing Mac or Hack to start from, install SL with NawCom ModCD. Plenty of detailed tutos on this forum, just do a search.


Once you have that SL installation in place, you can build your myHack USB installer for SL, Lion, possibly ML and Mav if you have the right D630 model.

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