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D630 X3100 ML Keyboard issue


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I was running SL on my D630 and decided to update (clean install) to ML using MyHack/MLPostFactor.  After installing ML and patching with MLPF I have downloaded the latest EDP and configured for D630 X3100 1440x900 and rebooted.


Unfortunately, I am now having an issue with the laptop keyboard.  The i key and = key are not being recognized anymore which makes it really hard to type -f arch=i386 in addition to having a password with an i in it.


Any ideas on what kext needs to be changed or possibly a BIOS setting?  Toggling numlock has not effect.




P.S.  A USB keyboard works fine but that defeats the purpose of a laptop.

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Hi, please note that Chameleon bootloader does not know of specific national keyboards and assumes a US (UK?) English QWERTY keyboard. This can affect place of "=" key, but should not affect "i" key (but I could be wrong of course). There's nothing a BIOS can do about that and since, this happens before OS X is loaded, no kext to cater for that either.


Once in ML, you probably need to apply a proper layout that matches your specific national keyboard. I always recommend to use the Logitech Layouts provided in Ukelele: http://scripts.sil.org/cms/scripts/page.php?site_id=nrsi&id=ukelele


Copy the 2 files specific to your country to /Library/KeyboardLayouts, then select the Logitech entry in your Language/keyboard Pref Pane.

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