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Toshiba 755-1nt


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I have this computer with Mavericks installed on It, it has got ML too. This are it´s specs http://www.toshiba.es/discontinued-products/satellite-l755-1nt/


 I installed Maveericks using myhack in a mbr partition with W7 and Crunchbang. My main problen is that a I see that is too hot with temperature sensors, 5 ºC more than in windowsand the fans are working much more, even when thw computer starts and I´m not doing anything with it.


Are these temperatures normals, I think the cpu is too hot and the fans are beins used too much in my hackintosh




and with maci asl program I see my 4 cores but when I look at system properties I think I only have 2 cores




I have been following this posts but seems to be dead




My bios is patched to control mac temperatures, perhaps I have to dedo it. I dont use null CPU.










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CPU T° of 50°C and running "only" 5°C more than Windows is not what I would call a system running too hot. That all looks pretty normal to me. How high do temperatures get to when you run your CPU at full speed?

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