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Problems With OSX Mavericks


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Hi All

First I would like to thank the creators on myHack, without it getting to the installation process would have not been possible. 

I have installed 10.9.1 Mavericks using myHack 3.3.1

Asus H87M-e Motherboard

128 GB SSD 

Intel i7 i4770K not OC

Kingston 32 GB DDR3 RAM

No Video Card

The installation went fine with no problems (just had to boot the USB via safe mode -x). But after the installation when I boot from MyHack and choose the SSD I installed it on, it just reboots no matter what command I use ?

is it  kernel issue ? ktext ? I really dont know 

Please Help!

and thank you all in advance ! 

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Haswell platform (and you have an unlocked CPU!) lacks decent support for the time being unfortunately. It's indeed highly likely to be a kernel issue... Try to boot with option -v to see if you can squeeze more info before it goes into reboot.

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