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Which OsX for a Dell Precision M 70


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Hi there,


I got a Dell Precision M 70:

  • CPU: Pentium M Dothan 2.13GHz FSB 533MHz
  • Motherboard: chipset Intel 915 PM with 2 gig Ram
  • Graphics: NVIDIA Quadro FX Go1400 with 512MB
  • Audio: Sigmatel 9751
  • Broadcom NetXtreme 57XX Gigabit Lan (does not work on Mac OS X, IP address is
  • Broadcom BCM1450 DWI wireless adapter, instead of the original Intel Wireless 2200BG adapter, since no Internet access was possible with it. The only restriction by the Broadcom 1450 is that it only works with a Wep encryption.

I´m running an Mac OS X 10.5.2 on it, which I got (about 5 years ago) from a friend  via USB drive and CarbonCopyCloner, because Kalyway 10.5.2 Install hung up after 1 min caused by the BCM5751E Ethernet: " 1659 setPowerLevels - returning early have a 5721onoff = fPciDeviceceld =" while a DVD iFail 10.5.5 installs Leopard, but then kernel panics while booting.


We blessed the system in the terminal by means of a bootefi folder from the network in which all the relevant files / folders - usr - standalone - i386 - boot with the files boot0 , boot_V8 , boot1h , boot1u , bootefi , cdboot , chain0 and folders guid and mbr were included by the following instructions:

- Easy installation --- For Single-Booting systems ---

Copy the folder "bootefi" and all included files/folders to the root directory of either a USB Thumb drive, or a USB hard drive, click on the Utilities menu and select "Terminal".

Then enter the following commands:

sudo -s (then enter your root password)

cd /Volumes/usbvolname/bootefi

where usbvolname is the volume name of the USB Thumb drive, USB hard drive, or second internal drive where the "bootefi" folder was copied to.


./bootefi.sh installvolumename

where installvolumename is the volume name of the drive that OS X was installed to. The installvolumename should be surrounded by double quotes.

Example: ./bootefi.sh "MacHD" or ./bootefi.sh "Macintosh HD"


I have the M 70 dug out again after a long time of abstinence, but now the hdd is causing problems ...  pending sectors etc , so I have the current system 10.5.2 cloned via CCC to a new hard disk. Unfortunately, the above method doesn´t work any more, it hang up by a blinking cursor L


However, since iTunes is on version 9, Firefox on version 2 and Safari on 3.1, so they are no longer state of the art. I can´t receive for example  e-mails , etc updates are not availible cause I would need to have 10.6.8 installed to do so. Therefore I would rather prefer to change to something more up to date like Snow Leopard 10.6.8, or if it is possible even Lion or Mountain Lion.


Has anyone ever attempt that on an ol ' M 70? What do I have to care for ?


Does anyone have any instructions for me?


Thank you for answering

please excuse my bad English




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Too old to run anything very recent. Leopard 10.5 Ok, possibly SnowLeopard 10.6 but you would need legacy kernel (in 32bit mode of course) and you may not get graphics to work. Read this for guidance.
Lion and above is impossible, your hardware is far too old and totally incompatible with these versions.

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