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Missing eject button, disk ejection problem


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I have a problem with my super drive. I bought one for my Lion (to repleace the sata slot (what the other, LG drive used) with a new HDD) before mavericks released and it is worked properly. Now i insert a disc what i got from a book as additional information (tasks, solutions, etc..) an it completely stucked in. I can not see it from Finder or Disk Utility. So now i can't eject it. The button on my wired numerical apple keyboard what originally eject the disc is does not work from when i pulled out the LG drive from the motherboard. Furthermore as the topic title tells, there is no Eject button on the menu bar. In Lion i have and it can eject any dvd, even if it can't read it.

I head a solution for it what is the following: System > Library > CoreServices > Menu Extras Eject.menu
But in my case there is no such directory like CoreService or file called Eject.menu
The attachment shows my Library's content
I hope somebody can help me.





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if disk utility does not see the drive you either need to look into your bios and see if it shows or you need to reconnect the drive. maybe it is not seated correctly to the connector. 


the drive is connected right, because if i go to windows (7) i can see it and its content. and i can eject it. just from mac (Lion amd Mavericks) cant.

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ok. on my machine running 10.9.1 i do have  System > Library > CoreServices > Menu Extras Eject.menu so maybe you have a corrupted install. maybe you can use pacifist to add your missing files from the installer.


i installed my 10.9 with the myHack installer, like last one (i had to reinstall to solve the appstore problem) and updated to 10.9.1. i dont know what was corrupt with the install if the problem is there :/

i don't really know yet this program. when the download finish what am i have to do in it?


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