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Intel Turbo Memory aka Flash Cache Module


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Dear D630 users,


I hope someone here already has some experience on using a Flash Cache Module. Is it working with OS X?

Is there some configuration need, maybe it is even totally unsupported. AFAIK it was made to support Windows Vista's ReadyBoost Technology, so I speculate it needs some driver (software) support. 


Since I am interested in squeezing the last bit of performance out of my good old D630 I am interested in buying such a card.

And maybe, in case of lacking OS X support, I am also interested in programming a Kext for OS X to support the flash cache module if their are some people despite me interested in. So I would give it a try, and some testers would also be great. 


But before I just wanted to get some feedback on this topic and OS X.


Thanks in advance


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You're right, it's obsolete and a SSD is best choice. Currently it has two Seagate Momentus XT 500GB SSHD (Hybrid drive) with 4GB SSD part. 

I know the Intel Turbo Memory thing is a waste of money and it will not increase performance much, or get even worse due to software management aka drivers that are, I suppose, needed.


It's just a fancy hobby I have, I just want to have it, because I thought NOBODY has such thing in their hackintosh, sound stupid, silly whatever. 

Any info is appreciated, another idea to this topic is, maybe we could just use the Intel Turbo Memory Card just as (fast) storage, I wish I had a little more time

to dig into the specification etc.  

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