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Temporary WIFI Fix For Broadcom 43XX Series Cards for 10.9 Mavericks


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So as you probably all know, when Apple released Mavericks they changed the wifi cards to only support the ones they had in the newer Mac models. Well I found a fix for this.
1. A CustoMac (or Hackintosh, whatever you prefer) running OSX Mavericks 10.9
2. A Broadcom 43XX series Wifi card with kext installed in /E/E
3. This Download here
4. Hidden folders enabled (how to is right here)  www.discussions.apple.com/message/23522493#23522493
What to DO
1. Extract the .zip file to the desktop
2. Open the folder contents
3. Copy airportd to /usr/libexec (Remember to backup the 10.9 one incase something goes wrong)
4. Restart
5. Go to the 10.7.3 folder and right click on the IO80211Family.kext
6. Open it with the included Kext Utility
7. Restart
To get it working
1. Click on System Preferences/Network
2. Click on Assist Me
3. Click on Diagnostics
4. Click on Wifi and Continue
5. Select your Wifi network and enter the code
4. Done you can now click Quit and you should be connected
NOTE: You will have to do this every single time you logout of your CustoMac
Tested on Dell Latitude e6400 with Broadcom 4312 Wireless Card
EDIT: This also works on 10.8 ( as said on the folder)
Also you will have to replace the files again after updating.

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BCM4312 works in vanilla Mav (i.e. vanilla airportd) with patched kexts (IO80211Family or BCM43xxx kexts) and with restrictions listed in thread about supported/unsupported wireless cards. In that respect, it's the same as with earlier OS X versions. No issues with network browsing or connecting to open/unencrypted networks.

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