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HP Compaq DC7100 CMT


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Installed OS X 10.6 on:

HP Compaq dc7100cmt

4Gb ram (max)

Pentium 4 3.0 GHz (SSE, SSE2, SSE3, HT) (Prescott)

Audio works with AppleAC97.kext

Custom graphics (ASUS EAH6850v2) Works OoTB with 10.6.8

160Gb Apple Hitachi HDD (just for if it failed, i could use my linux install) (SATA)

1000Gb Seagate (SATA)


Broadcom BCM 5751 Ethernet (Doesnt work)


Has someone a kext for BCM5751?

I've tried one from LatitudeD630intel bootpack, no success.

Tried nawcom, no success...


or will I just buy Apple USB Ethernet adapter?

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Look for the BCM kext of D430/D620/D820. Make sure to use the Intel binary version, not the universal binary PPC&x86 version. It's been mentioned in several threads (there's a detailed post about this re: D430 installation). You'll find the kext with a forum search on "universal binary" or on "BCM5751".

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All Zero MAC address tended to be obtained with universal binary kext, hence why you should use the Intel version. Post us the output of Terminal command lspci -nn so that we can clearly identify your LAN card (needs lspcidrv.kext loaded), but HP documentation does indeed clearly state BCM5751 10/100/1000BT Ethernet...


Is it enabled in BIOS?

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