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Get apple logo screen, or black screen in verbose


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Hi guys,


I finally installed Mavericks on my HP Pavillon Dm1-4136sf (with AMD E450 processor)


When I start my pc with no bootflags, it will loop reboot.

If I type the bootflags PCIRootUID=1, PCIRootUID=0 or -legacy, it displays the apple logo screen (with no spinning wheel).

If I do the same thing in verbose mode, it displays text lines at high speed, and then the screen go black.


Of I course I tried other combination of boot flags.


I already had this problem when trying to install Mavericks, and I solved it by modifying the mach_kernel.

(Check this post for more info : https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/6330-stuck-at-apple-logo-no-spinning-wheel/)

I was wondering if the mach_kernel used to boot Mavericks is the same than the one which was used for the installation boot.


If it is the case how could I do to make it boot ?

And if it is not how could I do to install this mach_kernel in the main hard drive ?


Thank you for your time.



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