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[Solved] Dell precision 670 - OS X10.6.8: 8Go ram issue


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Hi, my Dell 670 is working like a charm on 10.6.8 4gb.

video ok, audio on board ok, ethernet ok, all ok.

but i cant boot using 8gb or more.


MoCD legacy kernel. (darwin 10.6)

Irwindale processor. (not paxville).


i just tried many flags.

-x -v npci=0x2000 iarch=386

maxmem=8192 is not working.


please help me , i need to use 8gb or more for video editing and audio .


thx for any help.

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Hi Hervé.

i am using nawcom legacy kernel 10.6.8  (v1) seems 32bits only.

but i can install legacy kernel 10.8.0 nawcom (seems 64bits). = 10.6.8v2


=> Darwin/x86 boot v 5.0.132 - Chameleon V 2.0 RC5 R726

4030 memory.

Video card GT210 1gb silent DDr3 . (NVEnable.kext only).



Something strange is, boot only if a set RAID OFF (Bios), but when i restart after booted, the RAID Off turn to RAID ON.  (BIOS Setting).

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If a boot with 8gb or more = System Halted. (CPU Halted). reboot.

if a boot with 8gb or more but using maxmem=4096 (flag on boot) all ok, but OSx shows only 4gb.


How can i boot in 64bits mode? i dont know too much about it. i am noob.


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MacMini2,1??? Have you thought of using the bootpack provided in the Precision 670 guide? It has proper FakeSMC kext, boot plist, SMBIOS plist, etc. Use Nawcom's 10.6.8 kernel v2.


Like Bronxteck, I would also advise you to update to latest Chameleon boot loader (v2.2 r2377 or r2378); it's fully supported.

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