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M4400 CPU & RAM Speed wrong!!!


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I bought a M4400 Bios A27 fx1770m 1920x1200 , T9600 2.93 ghz. I replaced the wifi card with a OOTB . 10.9.2 runs perfectly except for the maximum speed of the CPU and Ram, 2.8 instead of 2.93 and 763 instead of 800 for the RAM. Speedstep works native and CPU speed ranges from 3x to 11x depending on the needs ( hwinfo ) . And even before I could do the SpeedStep speed was fixed at 11x . I also bought CoolBook ( for speedstep , which monitor version ( free ) noted the speed 11.5 x 2.93 . , But also by registering not only can not be selected , does not see more than the value of 11.5 x .


Since there is no bios setting . The DSDT I got from the internet are not able to edit it.


The machine shuts down properly. the sleep often does not wake up and do the same for the screen.


The sound is no possibility of control volume. Solvable with Soundflower , but the audio after an hour deteriorates.


Touchpad works well but rarely at startup is as if taking the right button. Rare but annoying.


Excellent handset highly configurable even if the temperature rises rapidly with the games.


If anyone can help me with the cpu ... many thanks

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@mrctll: You're mistaken, T9600 operates at 2.8GHz with FSB at 1066MHz. Divide that by 4 and you'll have bus frequency and therefore the step between each individual frequency managed under SpeedStep. Your max. CPU multiplier is 10.5.


Expect to see a CPU speed ranging from FSB/4*3 = 798MHz (i.e. 800MHz in Super LFM) and FSB/4*10.5 = 2793MHz (i.e. 2.8GHz).



You may have confused your T9600 with the T9800 which indeed goes to 2.93GHz with a max. multiplier of 11 (266*11=2926MHz).



Only the T9900 has a max. bus speed multiplier of 11.5 and therefore goes up to 3.06GHz.


The complete data sheet is available here:


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Yes i have confused T9600 with T9800, i have a T9800 and 11 is maximun multiplier ... but sensors report 2,79ghz.. i have read about m4400  IDA option, without this feature osx runs 10% less.. but i don't konw how resolve. I have update the bios to A29 and the ssd is much better than A27. Before 180/180 now 210/210, but the T9800 runs always 10% low


many thanks.. scusate il mio inglese!!!! :D 

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