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Please help!! How to enable Hard disk on bios ??


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I have problem.

I was installed only mavericks on my laptop. (asus n56vj)   

Mavericks has GUID partition. The problem is, after start laptop on bios is not hard disk. Only  boot from dvd.

Look photo.

Maverick is possible boot only from dvd.

Whats the problem  ???  


Fotka 1  is  bios  here is not  hard disk only  dvd  boot.

Fotka 2  is  after  boot from dvd (install mavericks)





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On bios is AHCI . And when i boot from dvd  (foto 2) here is  disk and not a problem start from disk.

i dont no, whats the problem.When i installed only mavericks but not GUID partitions but master boot record, i see disk on bios.

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Interesting, if you partition your HDD under GPT scheme, it can't be seen from BIOS. That's a 1st for me. Can your BIOS be updated at all to make some comparison in behaviour?

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i dont updating my bios. How its made ?

problem wasnt on mountain lion. only on mavericks when i have only mavericks on my laptop and the partition is GUID.

when i have only windows, on laptop,  on bios is  disk   (windows boot manager by win 8 - 8,1) and dvd boot options.

when i have windows and mavericks (with guid partitions) ,is  disk on bios.  but when i have only mavericks guid partition disk not see on bios. 

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i use  clover  boot loader  from nireshs slitherin and i use chameleon boot loader   but  disk  ist  not  on bios.

i was installed with chameleon wizard "boot0"    and  use clover boot  loader, but  disk ist  not  on bios.    i see her them not.

photo  my bios is after  install chameleon boot0  and clover..  

i dont know whats  next..   

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