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Difficulty signing up to forum


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Hi There,


I've recently been trying to sign up to the forum, as I've purchased a E7440 and want to run OSX on it.


On my first two attempts, using e-mail addresses that I've had no issues with elsewhere, I was prevented from signing up and told that I'm a known spammer. The forum then appears to place a block on my IP address, and I can no longer access the forums. I've sent several messages to administrators about this, but not received any reply.


I was finally able to sign up using my work VPN, and a different e-mail address.


I'd like to try and understand why this happened. I tried searching to see if either of the e-mail addresses I first tried is listing as a known spammer, but came up empty. The only other conclusion I can come to is that this has something to do with the way I access the net at home. All of my traffic is VPN'd through Private Internet Access.


Any thoughts or help would be much appreciated.


If any forum admins/moderators read this, I'd really appreciate being able to discuss the issue.


Other than that, there's some great information here, and I'm glad to finally be a member.




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it is connecting to a global database of known spammer accounts and ip's for our members protection if your on there then you will have the issue creating the account. so far 25,863 users have been able to register without issues. this has only happened with one other person so far unless you are the same person from IM forum.

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