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Dell Latitude E6330


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Hi Everyone, 


Let me start by saying the guides on here are absolutely excellent and to a Hackintosh newbie like me, it was clear, concise and very easy to follow. Compliments to you.


I must apologise straight away if I'm asking blindingly obvious questions. But I have successfully managed a mavericks install with everything working bar the following on a dell latitude i5 e6330 with Intel HD 3000 graphics. 


Wireless - Here I bought a DELL 1510 card and have connected the white and grey leads internally. The wireless refuses to be seen though. I am have also tried attaching the black and white leads internally with the same result. 


Multitouch - I'm sure I could follow the guides on here and get that working. 


Regarding the latitude E6330, I am happy to provide any files you need so the moderators can maybe make a boot pack? or assist others when the problems I have are hopefully sorted?


In regards to the wireless though I would be VERY grateful for any advice. Please bear with me in advance because as I said before I am new to this. 


Thanks and apologies if I don't get back to you straight away if you are able to help. 

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If you need any help mate, as you say the site is really amazing.


I got a dell 6330 hd4000 happy to share what I got PM me any time


I got Maverick running perfect

I got Yosemite sortof working correctly now just a few issue with my dsdt but not sure what to do with that yet still reading up on it.



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