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e6500 mavericks install w/myhack not working!


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i have been trying to get 10.9 onto my e6500 for days now without any luck.  every time i end up with it telling me osx couldn't install and asking to view the log.  this is before i even get into the installation right after it asks you to choose a language. 

normally i wouldnt start a new topic but i have looked everywhere and tried everything.  i have tried with every option in my bios (A29) off and on and with -x -v pcirootuid=0,1 npci=0x2000,3000, -f, graphicsenabler=yes, and with various combinations of those tags (of course properly capitalized). anyone have any idea what i am doing wrong here?  i used the current myhack download to install 10.9 onto USB and add the extra that is suggested on a page on this forum for building e6500's with mavericks.  

o yea and of course, after creating the usb installer a few days ago my other hackintosh crashed on me (gigabyte board with a Q6600 8gb PC6400, HD6850) and i havent had a chance to rebuild that install yet.  so i have some experience with this stuff but this damn thing has me stumped...

what bios is everyone else running too?  as i said mine is A29.  any ideas?? thanks yall

e6500 A29

t9700 2.8ghz c2d


nvidia nvs160m @ 1920x1200

currently running win7-64bit and ubuntu 14.04lts-64bit 

will install on a seperate hd

i have tried also formatting my drives with Disk Utility to GUID with an HFS+ partition, and have tried MBR (the myhack install should have installed the mbr patch) but alas still no luck with either...

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thanks for the info.  I also tried installing after formatting the drive with GPT though rather than MBR and it didn't make a difference, same issue at the same point in time - booted perfectly but would give me the error and the log and that was it.  tried with several different flags too and again didn't make a difference.  i am wondering if there is a different bios that i should be using that others have had luck with maybe?  im stumped

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well i think some E aries had issues with newer bios and osx maybe yours is one of them. i don't recall what models they where though off hand. have you tried re downloading the OS and making the pen again sometimes it gets corrupted. also try different usb ports. and if you have intel wifi remove it or shut it off during install. it can cause install hangups.

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