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M6500 help


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I am looking for some help or a Tutorial for installing Maverics on a Dell M6500.


it has been a while since i have dipped my toe into the OSX on Dell waters.  Last one was Snow Leopard on a D620.


not had much success finding the right info to get this working or booting for that matter.



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Dell Precision M6500

i7 M620 @ 2.67Ghz

8Gig of RAM

Nivdia Quadro FX 2800M @ 1440x900

128Gig SanDisk SSD

BIOS Rev A04

IDT 92HD81 Audio

Broadcom 1510 Wireless-N



my biggest problem is where to start.  I have tried some of the bootloaders and usually get to a kernel panic before it ever boots very far.

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well after several kernel panics and hang up during install, i finally defaulted the BIOS to factory defaults. and bingo, it installed just as it should have!


everything works with a little nudging here and there


now i need to figure out how to change the model identifier, it currently calls the pc a Summer 2001 iMac, it appears to cause trouble with some app in the appstore saying that they are not compatible with this mac


thanks for the help!!!!!!

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