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NP9003XC-A01 Mavericks periodically freezes. Needs -f to boot?


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Hello all! My name is Tuomas and I like to party.


I got Mavericks working pretty good on my Samsung; I am hoping you guys can help me successfully get it running 100% stable!



I used the EDP App and installed my kexts with the NP900 X4C model build.


Aside from the following, everything else is working flawlessly (wifi, touchpad, sound, airplay etc.).


My two major issues are as follows:


First, I cannot boot without using the -f flag. When I use the -f flag, it sets my maximum brightness lower than it actually is and to get around this I have to put it to sleep then wake it up (not optimal). (If I ignore the -f flag, it won't make it to desktop but the brightness is correct on the loading screen.)


Second, my Samsung keeps freezing periodically! It will run for five minutes then completely freeze and I have to hold power for 10 seconds to reboot, or it can run for two hours then freeze. There is no apparent consistency to it (besides the fact it keeps happening), no programs running to cause it, and it definitely is not hardware related.


My smaller issues: I am using the Elan touchpad driver, and my two finger scroll does not work. Also, facetime works for video but not audio out.



When I boot in verbose, I get the attached screen. The very last line at the bottom takes 5 minutes to load after the previous lines.


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Thanks, I just tried that in single user mode (I assume that's where you meant for me to try, or is terminal the same?).


Anyways this is what I got:


AppleUpstreamUserClient.kext has no Info.plist file.


followed by two pages of warnings.


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So after doing that last thing, I still have to use the -f flag to boot; BUT, my Samsung has NOT frozen once in the past couple hours or so! Seems to have fixed that issue, now is there a way to narrow down why I have to use -f to boot? Will ignoring kernal caches cause any issues? Thanks!




After using the Samsung all day it appears that it only freezes when I have the EDP App open. Curious.

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if you need to boot with -f that means there is something wrong with the kernel cache or if using a custom kernel it is not named the same as the origional apple one. usually mach_kernel for 10.10 it is just named kernel

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