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Help needed with E6530: Clover, Yosemite final, external Display Issue


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Hello everybody,


first, I want to thank Jake Lo and pokenguyen for their nice guides. I'm not all new to building hackintoshs, but my last trys are 2-3 years old, and so much has changed.


In the last two weeks I could successfully install Mavericks on my E6530 with the guide Jake Lo posted, and I finished my Clover-based installation of Yosemite PB6 (yeah, I know, they released the final) yesterday.


So far, I like Clover, and a lot of stuff is working:


- Ethernet

- WiFi (replaced Intel with some compatible)

- Sleep (yay!)

- Touchpad (no gestures, but not that important) 

- Appstore, iCloud, iMessage, Facetime


What doesn't work (but I want it to!) is external display port(s). The problem obviously has something to do with the Optimus topic, but let me tell what I found out yet.


Following pokenguyen's guide, the Mackintosh Vietnam Tool installs Clover to the new Macintosh HD. Sounds good, but the new version did break my ability to boot, so I replaced the new Version with the older one (included in the original pack in guide).


After this, I was able to boot. After some testing, I can tell (Optimus enabled): with Clover 2703, only the Intel HD GPU shows up in Option - Graphics and in System booted up, with Clover 2953 its the NVS and the Intel in Option - Graphics in bootscreen.


Problem: I cannot boot with 2953, getting a crash immediately. It doesn't matter if Optimus is enabled or disabled.


So I guess I am missing something really stupid... Can it be I have to change something in my config.plist? Remember, the Intel GPU works fine with 2703.


I'm out of ideas at the moment, even tried to use Jake Lo's DSDT/SSDTs (bad idea)! Any help is really appreciated!





PS. Nearly forgot System Specs...


- E6530, BIOS A13

- I7-3740QM

- 16GB RAM

- Intel HD plus NVS5200m

- Display 15.6" 1920x1080

- WiFi by AR5BHB92

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I upgraded to Yosemite final release yesterday via Appstore. Some hints:


- don't have the laptop in docking station, it didn't work from there (crash caused by BT)

- had to boot from external USB and select the partition created by the installer, but no problems


Stuff that did work before still works - and still no external display yet. :(

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Thank you, Jake.


My Dell Latitude e6530 Mavericks with Chameleon uses HDMI video with Nvidia card and without sleep capability (everything else works).

So, I will jump into Yosemite with Clover.
Please let me know where I can find the guide.


Thank you very much.


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Sorry for the late answer, but work keeps me pretty busy atm.


It is a bit strange; with Yosemite final, I can not boot up if in docking station or external VGA connected (not active)...


I could do it with the Yosemite Beta, so I guess something in the final release has changed. As I'm no pro, I have no idea what this could be.


Clover does allow me to switch to the external VGA in boot screen by Fn+F8, but as it won't boot up I can't tell you if the screen would be working after boot. :D


For me, I could live without sleep but need the ability of connecting a second screen at runtime, which works fine with Mavericks and Jake Lo's Guide without Optimus. So I had the idea to replace DSDT + SSDT from pokenguyens guide with the ones from Jake Lo's guide - but I cannot get the combination of Clover and Jakes DSDT running.

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Hi, I have the same spec of E6530.


I encountered a usb installer bootup problem (with clover bootloader) and can't find a valid answer on any forum to solve it.


I want to use EFI boot so I createed the usb installer with clover. But when I tried to boot with the usb installer, it always halt at the line "Missing Bluetooth Controller Transport" . I search all the article and see several people said it is a video issue. Thus I tried all the combination to enable/disable optimus in BIOS, add/remove nv_disable, inject nvidia/intel driver, and add/remove -x. However, nothing works and it always halts on the same line.


Did anyone boot E6530 with clover? What boot argument do you use? 

Thank you very much.
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