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E7440 bluetooth with dw1510 ?


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soory for this stupid question !

original card was 7260HMW, with bluetooth intact ! 

did you know a card how make wifi and bluetooth , compatible with  my config ?



edit: i fix the problem: i connect the 7260hmw in the wwan place and now i have the bluetooth with this card , and wifi with dw1510 !


edit2: it has working only the first start  and not anymore !!!! i don't understand ??? will try to put IOBluetoothFamily.kext in E/E and will see .......


edit : after reinstall to 10.9.1, bluetooth is working again, but not anymore after update to 10.9.5 ! witch kext from 10.9.1 can i use in 10.9.5 to have the bluetooth working please ?


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