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Bootpack for E5440


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I would not use the E6440 DSDT on your E5440 unless it really is the same hardware. Remember that the E6440 I use also has a discrete AMD Radeon GPU for instance. I was able to boot, install and run Mavericks without any DSDT to start with, I just patched it as I was progressing with post-installation tuning.


All you'll need with a Chameleon boot loader + myHack installer + generic bootpack will be to specify the correct Azul framebuffer as boot flags & options -f -v IntelAzulFB=xx (where xx is in the range 0 to 15). Start with 10 to 15.


You may have noticed that my guide recommends using the USB port on the left... That one always works on the E6440, the rear+right ones not unless I bypass the cache.

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