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hp nc4400 vs dell d430


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i lost my macpbook pro...

i look the best hackintosh subenotebook. i choose 2 modell.

The nc4400 t7200, or the dell d430 u7700.

pleas help me, wich its the best???

The hp nc4400 faster and stronger... (2x2ghz 4mb l2 cache 4gb ram)

The d430 have best hackintosh support?


please help mee i found the best choice. :)


thx!!! sorry my english its too bad.

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D430 without a doubt :)


Why... ?


1. The D430 works oob and is very easy to carry around

2. A HP is hell to hackup good

3. Because i have a D430 and i love it :)



ok!!! thx the help :) i buy the d430 :) i like this site :)

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