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dell Latitude E6440, i5-4300M, HD4600, 1600x900, Mavericks


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Hi everyone,


I have the same laptop as descriped in this tutorial:

I've bought it with 4GB of ram and added another 4gigs from Kingstone


during the booting with mach_kernel for 10.9.5 haswell I've got the kernel panic something like this, (I will post the screenshot later):
a freed zone element has been modified: expected 0xdeadbeef'deadbeef" but found 0xdeadbeef88098809;

what helped me was adding the bootflag maxmem=2048 (=4096 failed as well)


So now I have working mavericks 10.9.5, but screenshots provided by Hervé do not mach mine. I mean the hardware specs are not the same, e.g the About This Mac windows shows procesor: 2.6 GHz while on Hervé's screenshot we can see 3.19GHz.


Where those diffrences comes from? Should I install the Extra folder on my Mavericks with myHack tool?


(If this is a wrong section of the forum, please forgive me..)

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I'm surprised to read about you apparent memory-linked issues; I've not encountered that at all... Which Chameleon version are you using?


The CPU speed is just a cosmetic matter and is probably due to the Chameleon version you're using. Later releases such as r2401 will show the nominal CPU speed (say 2.6GHz for a i5-4300M) when ealier releases such as r2377/r2395 will show the turbo speed (say 3.2/3.3GHz for a i5-4300M). This being said, it bears no influence whatsoever on the actual speed of the CPU or CPU throttling/speedstep.


Regarding the Extra folder, yes you should install it with myHack->Create Extra. Alternatively, you can simply manually copy the files and follow-up with a myFix (quick).


PS: we have model-specific support sections in the forum; ideally, that's where you should have posted this thread.

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Since this is the first time when I'm using OS X / hackintosh the phrases like "remove AppleHPET kext and rebuild cache" not self explaining to me..

Because I was using Unix like systems before, I can guess that AppleHPET will be somewhere inside of /Extra/Extensions/?


rebuild cache means just to restart the system?

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AppleHPET is in System/Library/Extensions

To rebuild cache, launch myHack.app/myfix (quick)...assuming you're using myHack to build your OS X.

Rebuild cache anytime you add/remove kexts from either /Extra/Extensions or System/Library/Extensions

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