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Yosemite on X1 Carbon


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I made some progress getting Yosemite working on my X1 Carbon.


- Multi-boot using Clover - Yosemite, MS 8.1, Ubuntu

- HD4400 graphics using Rehabman's FakeID and Jake Lo's patch from Clover

- Sound using VoodooHDA

- Trackpad using VoodooPS2Controller

- Pstate stepping using SSDT generation script

- Batter using Rehabman's smart battery and DSDT patches

- Hardware monitoring

- DWA-131 wireless N


What's not working yet

- Wake from sleep

- Native wireless and ethernet/display through USB docking

- Graphics not perfect; strange spots and lines; not a big dea

- Need to press the power button for 2 secs after boot; it goes blackl



- Prepared a USB using unifail

- Put a patched kernel (Haswell patch)

- Installed the latest Chameleon 2.3svn-r2510

- Had a kernel panic with just "-x" option. Had to specify "-x -no-zp" to get the installer up and running.

- Installation done. 



- DSDT:   Able to extract DSDT from Ubuntu, and after numerous tries, finally got it compiled.

- Graphics: HD4400 graphics is working with Clover and Jake's AppleIntelFramebufferAzul.kext. The screen blacks out. Wait for a few seconds, press the power button for 2 sec and then hit the enter button.  2500x1440 resolution!

- Sound (ALC3232/ALC292) working using VoodooHDA v2.8.7.

- SSDT: CPU stepping works with the attached SSDT.aml

- Battery using Rehabman's kext and DSDT patches



- 12/19/14 - Graphics, Battery, and Trackpad work.

- 01/02/15 - Clover package including SSDT.

- 01/07/15 - Revised DSDT - Battery is working now.

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