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  1. https://github.com/RehabMan/OS-X-Voodoo-PS2-Controller
  2. I finally got DSDT.aml by installing Ubuntu on another partition. I am getting compilation errors: 200+ from ACPI v4 and 8+ from v5. Can Yosemite support ACPI v5?
  3. i guess no progress here? I tried to extract the DSDT using the tool mentioned above. Well, I tried to load using MaciASL in Yosemite on my X1 Carbon (had to boot with -x flag). MaciASL could not load the file. Need someone to help out getting and patching DSDT....
  4. I made some progress getting Yosemite working on my X1 Carbon. - Multi-boot using Clover - Yosemite, MS 8.1, Ubuntu - HD4400 graphics using Rehabman's FakeID and Jake Lo's patch from Clover - Sound using VoodooHDA - Trackpad using VoodooPS2Controller - Pstate stepping using SSDT generation script - Batter using Rehabman's smart battery and DSDT patches - Hardware monitoring - DWA-131 wireless N What's not working yet - Wake from sleep - Native wireless and ethernet/display through USB docking - Graphics not perfect; strange spots and lines; not a big dea - Need to press the power button for 2 secs after boot; it goes blackl Installation: - Prepared a USB using unifail - Put a patched kernel (Haswell patch) - Installed the latest Chameleon 2.3svn-r2510 - Had a kernel panic with just "-x" option. Had to specify "-x -no-zp" to get the installer up and running. - Installation done. Post-Installation: - DSDT: Able to extract DSDT from Ubuntu, and after numerous tries, finally got it compiled. - Graphics: HD4400 graphics is working with Clover and Jake's AppleIntelFramebufferAzul.kext. The screen blacks out. Wait for a few seconds, press the power button for 2 sec and then hit the enter button. 2500x1440 resolution! - Sound (ALC3232/ALC292) working using VoodooHDA v2.8.7. - SSDT: CPU stepping works with the attached SSDT.aml - Battery using Rehabman's kext and DSDT patches Attachments: - 12/19/14 - Graphics, Battery, and Trackpad work. - 01/02/15 - Clover package including SSDT. - 01/07/15 - Revised DSDT - Battery is working now.
  5. Well I got my E6520 working on Yosemite 10.10 after spending some time this evening !! I think pretty much everything is working. I got it installed in a similar way as I had Maverick installed. I had Maverick (10.9) working on a partition. See my post: Dell E6520 with NVS 4200M on Mavericks . I created a partition (InstallYosemite) and loaded Yosemite using the following command: sudo /Applications/Install\ OS\ X\ Yosemite.app/Contents/Resources/createinstallmedia --volume /Volumes/InstallYosemite --applicationpath /Applications/Install\ OS\ X\ Yosemite.app --nointeraction Then, created /Extra in the InstallYosemite partition. I was able to boot after specifying -x option and installed Yosemite to the new partition. I believe I was using MBeast boot loader which was based on Chameleon v2.2 r2404. After OS was installed, I had problem booting from the partition. Tried MBeast, Clover, myHack, and other version of Chameleon. I ended using the latest Chameleon (Chameleon-2.3svn-r2510) and able to boot and upgrade extensions. You can skip extension upgrade steps and simply use the attached Extra. Don't forget to run KextWizard to update the /Extra and /S/L/E ! 12-12-2014: - Graphics (no lagging) - same DSDT - Sound - same AppleHDA - Battery - same ACPBatterManager - Touchpad - same VoodooPS2Controller - CPU stepping - same SSDT - Disk - TRIM Patch IOAHCIFamilty.kext 10.10.x - Network - AppleIntelE1000e v3.1.0 - FakeSMC v6.11.1328 - AppleACPIPlatform v10.9.5 Let's forget to credit where due: - OSX Crew - Disable NVS4200M and using H3000 (Optimus enabled) - E6520 on Mountain Lion by lgashu http://forum.osxlati...-mountain-lion/ - collection of 10.9 kext from iFail - ssdt generation - RevoGirl's blog - touchpad - RhabmanMerg - SDHC - heemsker - others that I missed Attachments: Extra-Yosemite-Install put this into / of the Yosemite installation partition Extra-E6520-Yosemite-<date> put this into / after installing Yosemite; if I update extensions, I will provide updates with a different date Extra-E6520-Yosemite-12-12-2014.zip Extra_Yosemite_Install.zip
  6. I use HWMonitor v 5.3.820. It shows the CPU voltage, multiplier, temperature, ... etc.
  7. Nice work guys. I was able get the sound working with the kernel flag and kext changes suggested by El. When I applied his SSDT with the GenerateC/PStates, I could not boot. When i removed the GenerateC/Pstate flags, I was able to boot but the CPU stepping was not working well. It was either very low CPU frequency or at the max. I switched back to my original SSDT, and the CPU stepping and sound are working. I am still at Chameleon r2266. It must have been the kernel flag. I will take out the AppleACPIPlatform to see if that works. Well, AppleACPIPlatform kext is needed (at least for me). While booting it goes into an infinite loop saying: SMC: smcreadKeyAction Erro ACID kSMCBadAgrumentError (0x89) fKeyHashTable=0x0xffffff8012876530 By the way, how do I check whether I have vpro system?
  8. Are you referring to Extra-E6520_Opt package? I tried this but cannot boot wo AppleACPIPlatform. Interesting....
  9. I reverted back to r2266, used the new AppleHDA and removed AppleACPIPlatform. During the boot, I got stuck at IOBluetoothHCIController ...
  10. Anyone experiencing boot crash after Chameleon r2377 upgrade? I get a memory allocation error.
  11. Never used PCKeyboardHack. Sorry. Jake, Have you upgraded to 10.9.2 yet? I lost sound with the upgrade. I tried update the AppleHDA from the following post and also upgraded the Chameleon to r2377. https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/6302-solved-e6530-update-from-1091-to-1092-lose-sound/ Chameleon r2377 gave me a crash stating Memory Allocation Error. Any idea? I had to start from USB and revert back to r2266.
  12. Ramon, Enable Optimus from the BIOS screen. That will disable NVS 4200M and use the HD3000 graphics. With the revised dsdt, it will enable sleep to work.
  13. Thanks, Jake. I will try out the sleep wo NVS4200. I tried it. Now the sleep is working!! I now have fully working! Thanks. I will post the revised files. Jake, Could you build EDP and update the compatibility matrix?
  14. heemsker, Sleep does not work at this point. The crew/admin of this forum said s/he will provide an instruction. NV4200M.kext enables the NVIDIA Quadra NVS 4200M graphics card. If you do not have that, you do not need it.
  15. Along with the guide for sleep, can you incorporate the Extra files to EDP? It has the latest kext as mentioned above. Thanks.
  16. Just tried myHack. it worked as you advertised. - replaced fakeSMC to get the hardware monitoring to work. - replaced IOAHCIFamily to enable TRIM from iFail - using SSDT.aml for C and P state generated - using the latest E1000e from iFail Sleep still is the problem. Any idea how to get the sleep working?
  17. E6520 with NVS 4200M disabled and HD3000 (Optimus Enabled) working on Mavericks (10.9) including sleep. Here is a list of what's working: - shutdown and restart using dsdt.aml - video Opetimus enabled (disable NVS4200) to get the sleep working - used Mbeast for - patched AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement - ethernet using hnak's AppleIntelE1000e v2.5.4d -> v2.4.14 - sound using VoodooHDA v2.8.4 -> fixed AppleHDA - hardware monitoring using fakeSMC v5.3.820 and plugin - 3rd Party SATA - TRIM enabler 10.9.0 - battery using VoodooBattery -> ACPIBatteryManager - touchpad using VoodooPS2Controller by RhabmanMerg - turboboost to 3.2Ghz using ssdt.aml generated from RevoGirl's blog - replaced wifi card, so the out-of-the-box AirPort works - SDHC card working with VoodooSDHC - provided by heemsker below; then disabled it to get sleep working All the relevant files are attached. The way I was able to install Mavericks was using MBeast. MBeast and having another partition with somewhat working Mountain Lion (10.8). I created an installation partition using MBeast and ran MBeast against the partition in order to boot and install Mavericks. Once Mavericks was installed, I had to boot from ML partition and run MBeast and put the dsdt.aml. Then, I installed the other extensions one by one. I was also able to follow the link below to install Mavericks using myHack. Changed couple of kext to latest: - patched AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement - ethernet using hnak's AppleIntelE1000e v2.5.4d -> v2.4.14 - hardware monitoring using fakeSMC v5.3.820 and plugin - TRIM enabler 10.9.0 - VoodooPSController for Trackpad allows multi finger action Change Log: 03-13-14: 10.9.2 update and sound working again (attached EE myHack Mavericks 10.9.2 03-13-14) - AppleHDA provided by Jake Lo - Removed npci=0x2000 kernel flag and kexts (AppleACPIP2Nub and GenericUSBXHCI) suggested by El Capitan - Was not able to boot if AppleACPIPlatform kext is removed. Keep it for now. - Still using Chameleon r2266. r2377 will precent booting with a Memory Allocation error. chimera (chameleon, stolen and rebranded) v2.2.1 will boot, but no sound. 01-12-14: - Sleep working now following the instruction here https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/5943-dell-latitude-e6520-with-optimus-enabled-mavericks/&do=findComment&comment=32152. - Sound working with Jake's AppleHDA; removed VoodooHDA - Trying ACPBatterManager; removed VoodooBattery - Not sure about AppleKextExclude provided by Jake. Trying it out Attached revised myHack files. 11-24-13: Updated EE and SLE download to include VoodooSDHC to get the smart card working. 11-24-13: Updated myHack Extra to use VoodooBattery allowing overclock to 3.2Ghz. AppleStartBatterManager and DisableTurboBoostBattery combination previously included for some reason disabled turbo boost using SSDT. 11-14-13 original post Credits: - OSX Crew - Disable NVS4200M and using H3000 (Optimus enabled) - E6520 on Mountain Lion by lgashu https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/1689-dell-latitude-e6520-mountain-lion/ - collection of 10.9 kext from iFail - ssdt generation - RevoGirl's blog - touchpad - RhabmanMerg - SDHC - heemsker - others that I missed EE and SLE for E6520 on Mavericks.zip EE myHack for E6520 on Mavericks.zip EE myHack for E6520 on Mavericks 11-24-13.zip EE and SLE for E6520 on Mavericks 11-24-13.zip Extra myHack for E6520 on Mavericks 01-12-14.zip EE myHack for E6520 on Mavericks 10.9.2 03-13-14.zip
  18. Tarfoh, Could you post your dsdt and point what modification you made to get the sleep working? Thanks.
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