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Install Maverick on ASUS P5Q-E with Radeon HD5450 graphic card


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I try to install Maverick on a motherboard ASUS P5Q-E (dual Marvell 88E8056 Gigabit Ethernet, Audio ADI AD2000B)
I have a Radeon HD5450
video card.

I prepared my USB key with myHack on my Dell D630 which runs perfectly under Snow Leopard.

Installing Maverick went well except that I had to put the flag PCIRootUID = 1 at boot to prevent blockage.

I can boot Maverick but of course, I have no network, no sound.

The graphical display looks good to me and I'm at the maximum resolution of my screen.

But I wanted to install the kext recommended for this video card with Maverick, thinking better view. But it's a catastrophe. The display does not exceed 1024x768. Must we keep the basic installation without adding anything?


But would like to help to run the network. I tried solutions that do not work.

Thank you for your help

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I'm assuming you're running Mavericks 10.9.5. Place the kexts in /Extra/Extension and DSDT to /Extra.

Restore the vanilla kext of your graphics back to /system/library/extensions if you had modded them.

Run myHack/myfix (quick).


Included in files:

DSDT patched for AMD HD 5450


Patched audio for ADI 2000B by Mirone


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I first update to 10.9.5 (I'm 10.9.2).
Then I'll try that.
thank you



one hour later
I did the update 10.9.5.
Then, I put in place the elements given by "Jake Lo".
The network works perfectly. Except that the P5Q-E card has 2 Ethernet ports and there is only one port that works. But that's not important. The main thing is to have one that works.


But the sound does not work.
In "system preference / sound",  there is "no output device detected"

But thank you for the network.

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Did you place the DSDT in /Extra?

Try adding HDAEnabler to o.c.b.p

How about the video, are you getting full display now?

Hello. Yes, I have placed the DSDT file in /extra

For display, I have not seen any difference from before. But I feel it is still okay at the beginning. I am always on the maximum resolution of the screen.

What do you mean by "o.c.b.p"?

And to have 2 Ethernet ports, have you any idea (but it is not important) ?

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Did you restore the display file you modded to the original?

OK for o.c.b.p. I will try that.

For the display, actually, i work with the original display files.




I have enable HDAEnabler in O.C.B.P but t it's always the same

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What's the number Layout_ID of your Motherboard: 


. Layout_ID 5 = ​​3 ports supported (Pink, Green, Blue) 

. Layout_ID 7 = 5/6 ports supported (Grey, Black, Laranja, Pink, Green, Blue) 

. Layout_ID 9 = 5/6 ports supported (Grey, Black, Laranja, Pink, Green, Blue, CodecAddress: 2)

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