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Dell Precision M4600 Yosemite/Mavericks with Clover


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I bought this laptop with configuration:

Intel Core i5 2520M

8GB DDR3 RAM 1333MHz

250GB HDD Seagate

Intel HD Graphic 3000 + Nvidia Quadro 2000M at 1920x1080p

Wifi Dell DW1550 + BT 4.0 (BCM4352) abgn+ac


So I need some instructions and needed files, how to install OSX Mavericks or Yosemite on this laptop. I found some other topics, but every is with Chameleon Bootloader, but I want to use Clover.



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Patched with HD 3000, don't think Quadro 2000M is supported.


Hi. Thanks for your reply. I still searching some better solution for it.

I found DSDT.aml for the same notebook but with Quadro 1000M and make some changes to quadro 2000M. But with these files my system boots very randomly. Often times I got KP... with VoodooHDA, or with Firewire, or some with USB or system reboots many times. Sleeps doesn't work, USB 3.0 works only for one port, HDMI and VGA output doesn'n work. Works only Displayport but without sound. And with these files I must have Nvidia Optimus Disabled in BIOS. Otherswise system doesn't boot.

So I would like to patch my own DSDT.aml extracted from Windows or Linux, but I have not much knowledge how to do it.

m4600 Quadro 2000M.zip

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