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Why is my Ioreg file so big ?


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Hi there,



So I'm trying to extract the Ioreg , with the guide available on rampagedev.com .

First problem : Ioregistryexplorer takes forever to open, and when it opens , it takes forever 

to save the Ioreg.

The resulting IOReg file weight more than 100 mb ( 120 mb to be precise ) 


Whats happening ? 

I'm on a Asus G751JM laptop.

I managed to get it working near perfect ( HD4600 with QE/CI enabled, sound working, bluetooth working, wifi working , all internal cards ) but I need to extract the IOReg so I can send it to someone who could, possibly, help me to finish the Hack ( like having the FN key on the keyboard working to dim the light, or the keyboard backlit , sleep mode , etc.. )


Thanks for helping, 


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Hey Hervé,


Thanks for answering.


I tried with another version and same thing happens.


I also tried IOJones, and it seems it does exactly the same thing ( takes forever to open, and hangs )


I've the feeling my computer doesn't want its IOReg to be extracted :D

Apart from that , everything seems to work great on this laptop Hackintosh.

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did you use a distro of some sorts or are you using a vanilla method of install? maybe something is getting corrupted? try making a another user account and try run it again. or if possible partition the hdd and re install using a fresh download of osx installer app to the new partition and just transfer the kexts you need to make it functional only and retest.

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