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Dell notebook keyboard super key issues


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Has anyone ever encountered or fixed an issue on some Dell notebook (internal) keyboard which cause the super (windows/command) key to not function properly?  I have experienced this on a handful of devices now and it's more than slightly frustrating.  When I alter a key-press with command it just inserts foreign characters (ie Command-Q is Å“, or Command-W is ∑ ).  I have tried the PS/2 keyboard fix int he hopes that this would perhaps have some impact, but it does not.  I also tried re-mapping the keys, swapping Command and Control.  The effect was the same, but with the control key.


I have experienced this issue with both the regular Dell notebook keyboard and the expanded full notebook keyboard (with 10-key pad).  This issue does not happen with external USB keyboards.  Touchpad and Joystick seem to work as expected.

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