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AMD Radeon HD 8650G - (Richland)


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I am still researching on how to get my integrated AMD Radeon 8650G working on my Hackintosh.


I haven't seen much for cards closely related to mine. So, I wanted to ask, does anyone have a fully working graphics card from the Richland (Radeon HD 8xxxD, 8xxxG) in OS X?




Edit: I have decided to make this post dedicated to progress concerning full Radeon HD 8650G (Richland) support in Yosemite.

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I noticed that they implemented support for the Sea Islands and Solar System series...


Maybe all that's left to do is wait..


Or is there a way to make a driver? I know porting from the Linux driver isn't an option because it uses a different window system..

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Okay, I believe that the operation was mostly successful. My card was recognized by the system before I patched the controller, and after patching "No Kext Loaded" is not present. However, I didn't see the AMD8000 controller in the list of active kernel extensions (kextstat)...


I was able to screen record after patching, surprisingly... I attached the video to show the "scraping" that I usually receive upon opening windows.






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Yes, well, you may have added your card id to the device list of the AMD8000 controller Info.plist, but that's clearly insufficient and you still do not have graphics support (VRAM=4MB)... You could have to patch the binary files too and that's more complicated.


It's probably worth checking the specs of the currently supported cards of the AMD8000Controller and your own integrated GPU. Maybe you can also fake one of the supported cards.


Supported in Yosemite 10.10.2:

0x45001002 -> ?

0x46001002 -> ?

0x66401002 -> FirePro M6100

0x66411002 -> Radeon HD 4930M

0x66461002 -> Radeon HD M280X

0x66501002 -> ?

0x66511002 -> ?

0x665C1002 -> Radeon HD 7790/8770, R9 260

0x665D1002 -> Radeon R7 200

0x67B01002 -> Radeon R9 290X

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